A total of approx. 8,700 sq m office space located in a modern and high-quality complex, consisting of three building parts, Centre, East and West. In building West is approx. 7,400 sq m office space available, divided over floors of approx. 2,000 sq m, each with various outdoor spaces (balconies). Partial leasing is possible from approx. 1,250 sq m. Approx. 900 sq m is still available in the East building and approx. 425 sq m is still available in the Centre building. Walking paths have been laid out around the complex and a beautiful water feature is situated in the middle of the building sections. On the ground floor of the West building, a fully equipped, new restaurant with an outdoor terrace will be established, where fresh dishes will be prepared on site. Also, small-scale office spaces and meeting facilities will be realized.

Park Schiphol-Rijk is an office park in a well-kept environment with spacious water features and associated green areas. Three hotels are situated at the park, including the Radisson Blu, which includes several meeting facilities and a bar/restaurant. The hotels have shuttle busses from and to Schiphol Airport. Furthermore, CompaNanny is located nearby, which provides a nursery and day-care facility outside of school hours ( Park Schiphol-Rijk has a park management organisation. Characteristic of this organisation is the coordinated, joint use of several facilities on the business park.


The office park is located at the foot of the exit of the A44/A4/A5 highway to Amsterdam, Haarlem, The Hague and Rotterdam, at the new N201. The location is easily accessible from the A9 highway and Amstelveen as well. Schiphol Airport is only a few minutes away by car or public transport. Public transport to and from Park Schiphol-Rijk is operated by ConneXXion and Sternet. The busses have a frequency of every 7 minutes during rush hour, and every 15 minutes outside of rush hour. There are several stops on the park. For further information, go to

It is expected that in 2020, a new “Zuidtangent” express bus service will be realised right at the entrance of the park (Fokkerweg/Kruisweg crossing). This high frequency (mostly dedicated bus lane ) service will optimise Schiphol-Rijk’s accessibility even further. The so-called ‘Knooppunt-Zuid’ lies within close proximity to the offices. After completion, the express bus will stop at Knooppunt-Zuid every two minutes and take you to entire region of Schiphol, Amsterdam and Hoofddorp. Additionally, a bus stop will be realized at the Fokkerweg, close to the Tupolevlaan. For further information, go to

Surface area

Currently there is approx. 8,700 sq m office space available, divided as follows:

Vision Plaza West:
Ground floor – approx. 1,090 sq m; (left wing approx. 750 sq m/part of the right wing approx. 340 sq m)
1st floor – approx.   1,900 sq m;
2nd floor – approx. 2,000 sq m;
3th floor – approx.  2,000 sq m;
4th floor – approx.      410 sq m (penthouse).

Partial rental is possible from approx. 1,250 sq m.

The penthouse floor has a sunny terrace with a beautiful view.

Vision Plaza Centre:
5th floor – approx. 425 sq m.

Vision Plaza East:
4th floor  –  approx. 900 sq m.


The office space comes with parking places based on the parking norm of 1 place per approx. 30 sq m let office space. The parking places are situated on the parking deck and the building’s parking garage, both closed by a barrier. Visitors of the property’s users may park on the parking deck and users park in the parking garage.

State of delivery

The complex/office space features include:

  • representative entrance with reception including a professional hostess;
  • a total of 4 elevators, including 2 panorama elevators;
  • mechanical ventilation with peak cooling;
  • various toilet groups in the different building parts;
  • suspended ceiling with built-in led lighting fixtures and motion detectors;
  • cable ducts for data and electricity cables.


Glass optic fibre is present in the complex.

On the ground floor of the West building, a coffee bar and a fully equipped new restaurant with an outdoor terrace will be established, where fresh dishes are prepared on site.

Small-scale office spaces and 3 fully equipped meeting rooms are also being realized, which can be reserved through a central booking system.

The floors are equipped with an outdoor area, a balcony with plants on the Atrium side.

The building has been provided with energy label A.

Rental price

The rental for the office space is:
Vision Plaza West –  € 175 per sq m per annum;
Vision Plaza Centre – € 175 per sq m per annum;
Vision Plaza East – € 150 per sq m per annum;
excluding VAT and service charges.

The rental price for the parking places is € 900 per place per annum, excluding VAT.

Lessor and Lessee explicitly declare that in determining the rent, the rent level is based on the starting point that Lessee will permanently utilise a minimum percentage as determined by law (or at a later stage to be determined) of the leased space for purposes giving rise to VAT deductions, so that taxed rent may be opted for.


The service charges are:
Vision Plaza West – € 55 per sq m per annum;
Vision Plaza Centre/East – € 35 per sq m per annum;
excluding VAT, as an advance payment and a yearlyl settlement based on actual costs, including the use of electricity in the rented space.


At short notice.

Extensive information about the complex can be found on the website