The office development Serra Verde with a total surface area of 14,380 sq m office space is situated on Park Schiphol-Rijk at the Boeingavenue. The design for these buildings consists of two L-shaped office buildings of approx. 7,200 sq m each, with a private outside area. The green, park-like set-up creates a representative main entrance for the offices. The two office buildings are connected by a striking glass pavilion perfect for playful decoration, while its high ceiling offers possibilities for, for instance, a vertical garden, coffee corners, lunch facilities, lounge areas or meeting rooms.
The parking places are being realised mainly on the parking deck. The deck will be set up with trees and bushes, further accentuating the general green look and feel and keeping the cars out of sight as much as possible.
The office floors have no prescribed layout and the floor-to-ceiling windows ensure ample, more-than-usual natural light.
Park Schiphol-Rijk is characterised by lots of green and spacious water features. Parking places are kept out of sight as much as possible throughout the entire park. Several hotels are situated in the park, including  the Radisson Blu and Park Inn hotel, offering , among other things, several meeting facilities and a bar/restaurant. The hotels have shuttle services to and from Schiphol Airport.


The area is located at the foot of the exit of the A44/ A4/A5 highway to Amsterdam, Haarlem, The Hague and Rotterdam, at the new N201. The location is also easily accessible from the A9 highway and Amstelveen. Schiphol Airport is only a few minutes away by car or public transport. Public transport to and from Park Schiphol-Rijk is operated by ConneXXion and Sternet. The busses have a frequency of every 7 minutes during rush hour, and every 15 minutes outside of rush hour. There are several stops on the park. For further information, go to

It is expected that a HOV (high occupancy vehicle) transfer, to be situated right at the entrance of the park (Fokkerweg/Kruisweg crossing) will be realised at the end of 2019, which will optimise Schiphol-Rijk’s accessibility even further. The so-called ‘Knooppunt-Zuid’ lies within close proximity to the offices. After completion, a bus will stop at Knooppunt-Zuid every two minutes. From there, autonomous, free bus lanes will take you to entire region of Schiphol, Amsterdam and Hoofddorp. For further information, go to

Surface area

The buildings each have a total surface area of approx. 7,190 sq m lettable space, divided as follows:
basement        : approx.    390 sq m;
ground floor   : approx. 1,380 sq m;
1st  floor           : approx. 1,355 sq m;
2nd floor          : approx. 1,355 sq m;
3rd  floor          : approx. 1,355 sq m;
4th  floor          : approx. 1,355 sq m.

This adds up to a total surface area of 14,380 sq m lettable space.
The connecting glass pavilion on the ground floor has a total surface area of approx. 275 sq m.


Per building, 160 parking places will be made available to lessee. These are situated in the parking garage and on the parking deck.
With the development (2 buildings) a total of 320 parking places will be realised.

Rental price

Rent for the office space and accompanying parking places is to be agreed upon.

In determining the rent, the rent level is based on the starting point that Lessee will permanently utilise a minimum percentage as determined by law (or at a later stage to be determined) of the leased space for purposes giving rise to VAT deductions, so that taxed rent may be opted for.

Service charges

To be agreed upon.


To be agreed upon.