28 multifunctional warehouse units of approx. 200 sq m each, evenly divided over the ground floor and the first floor. Provided with, among other things, an overhead door, persons entrance and connections for toilet and pantry. The units will be delivered unfurnished.


The warehouse complexes are located at the foot of the exit of the A44/A4/A5 highway to Amsterdam, Haarlem, The Hague and Rotterdam, at the new N201. The location is easily accessible from the A9 highway and Amstelveen as well. Schiphol Airport is only a few minutes away by car or public transport. Public transport to and from Park Schiphol-Rijk is operated by ConneXXion and Sternet. The busses have a frequency of every 7 minutes during rush hour, and every 15 minutes outside of rush hour. There are several stops on the park.  For further information, go to It is expected that by the end of 2020, a new “Zuidtangent” express bus service will be realised right at the entrance of the park (Fokkerweg/Kruisweg crossing). This high frequency (mostly dedicated bus lane ) service will optimise Schiphol-Rijk’s accessibility even further. The so-called ‘Knooppunt-Zuid’ lies within close proximity to the offices. After completion, the express bus will stop at Knooppunt-Zuid every two minutes and take you to entire region of Schiphol, Amsterdam and Hoofddorp. For further information, go to

Surface area

The units have a surface area of approx. 200 sq m each, evenly divided over the ground floor and the first floor.


For each unit 3 reserved parking places are available on private ground.
There are also an additional 17 parking places available.

State of delivery

The units will be delivered provided with:

  • persons entrance;
  • overhead door (3.00 m high and 3.40 m wide);
  • concrete stairs to the first floor;
  • maximum floor load ground floor 2,000 kg/sq m;
  • maximum floor load 1st floor 400 kg/sq m;
  • aluminium outside window panes provided with insulating glass;
  • meter cupboard with connections for water and electricity.


For further information regarding the state of delivery we would like to refer you to the comprehensive information brochure which can be found online as well.

Purchase price

For the purchase price of the units as well as the additional parking places we would like to refer you to the attached price list.

Option arrangements, agreement

In order to be able to take care of and check all necessary financial arrangements and permits, it is possible to get a free ‘option’ for a period of four weeks. After this period, a binding ‘reservation contract should be signed. Upon purchase, a binding purchase agreement and construction contract agreement will be signed. The reservation contract will be referred for any further applying conditions.


The ground will be purchased in full ownership. The cadastre will split all grounds and properties into separate units. Each buyer will therefore be the sole owner of their unit as well a part of the jointly-owned grounds intended for common ground/parking places and – if applicable – the ground intended for green areas. Each unit is separately taxable with mortgage tax and available for sale/letting. This means that each buyer will be individually taxed with real estate taxes and gas/water electricity costs.

Payment of purchase price

The purchase price is divided into ground and development costs, and construction costs. The ground and development costs and the expired building periods will be charged upon the moment of the ground ownership transfer, in the form a notarised act of delivery. The building costs will be determined in a construction contract agreement to be paid in terms according to a payment scheme in coherence with the construction’s progress. In case of delivery after the start of construction, a construction interest will be charged over the expired building periods with an interest rate of 5%.


The building of the complex is started, acceptance mid 2020.