Several independent office units from 134 sq m with an ample amount of parking places on the parking deck of the Overstag building. The office units are provided with, among other things, a pantry, toilets and carpeting. The Overstag building is a multifunctional building with multiple logistic functions and office spaces. The total surface area of the complex comprises approx. 6,000 sq m warehouse space and 2,400 sq m office space. The entrance for the offices and the parking places situated on the the parking deck are accessible via the ramp in the middle of the building.

This project information concerns the combined warehouse/office space only, for more information on letting the combined warehouse/office space a separate project information is available.


The area is located at the foot of the exit of the A44/A4/A5 highway to Amsterdam, Haarlem, The Hague and Rotterdam, at the new N201. The location is easily accessible from the A9 highway and Amstelveen as well. Schiphol Airport is only a few minutes away by car or public transport. Public transport to and from Park Schiphol-Rijk is operated by ConneXXion and Sternet. The busses have a frequency of every 7 minutes during rush hour, and every 15 minutes outside of rush hour. There are several stops on the park. For further information, go to 

Surface area

Office space (1st floor)

Douglassingel 49             164 sq m;
Douglassingel 51             163 sq m;
Douglassingel 53             134 sq m;
Douglassingel 55             134 sq m;
Douglassingel 57             134 sq m;
Douglassingel 59             163 sq m.

The location of the units in the complex is indicated on the attached site plan.


There is an ample amount of parking places available on the parking deck on the first floor.

State of delivery

The office space features include:

  • pantry;
  • toilets;
  • windows that open;
  • several units are provided with air conditioning;
  • several unit are provided with partitioning walls;
  • carpeting;
  • suspended ceiling with built-in lighting fixtures.


The office space is provided with energy label B/C.

Rental price

Douglassingel 49             € 1,900,– per month including 3 parking places;
Douglassingel 51              € 1,900,– per month including 3 parking places;
Douglassingel 53             € 1,530,– per month including 1 parking place;
Douglassingel 55             € 1,530,– per month including 1 parking place;
Douglassingel 57             € 1,530,– per month including 1 parking place;
Douglassingel 59             € 1,900,– per month including 3 parking place.

These amounts are including service charges, excluding VAT.

Lessor and Lessee explicitly declare that in determining the rent, the rent level is based on the starting point that Lessee will permanently utilise a minimum percentage as determined by law (or at a later stage to be determined) of the leased space for purposes giving rise to VAT deductions, so that taxed rent may be opted for.

Service charges

The service charges are included in the rental price. It concerns a fixed amount, no calculation will take place afterwards.