Holland Office Center consists of 5 small-scale office buildings with a total surface area of approx. 11,860 sq m and is prominently located at the intersection Van Heuven Goedhartlaan /Kruisweg.
In the complex is approx. 6,779 sq m office space available divided over various units.
Holland Office Center is equipped with a restaurant/coffee bar, an inner garden with a terrace (with a pond) and joint meeting facilities. Various facilities are available in the immediate vicinity, including the Novotel, the Hyatt Place Amsterdam Airport hotel, various restaurants and several shops at the NS railway station.


The accessibility of the building is excellent because of the location close to exit/entrance of the highway A4/A44 (Amsterdam-Den Haag-Rotterdam) and the A5 just a few car minutes away. Schiphol airport is accessible by car in 10 minutes. The NS station Hoofddorp is located in the immediate vicinity of the building, the super-fast bus connection R-Net has also a stop there. This high speed, dedicated bus line between Haarlem via Schiphol and Amsterdam-Zuidoost (line 300) and between Nieuw-Vennep via Schiphol to Amsterdam Zuid WTC (line 341) or Amsterdam Centre (line 397) guarantees a perfect accessibility by public transport. For further information visit

Surface area

The complex comprises 5 buildings with a total surface area of approx. 11,860 sq m. The following spaces are currently available to let:

Building 1
1st floor            1.1.1         approx.  687 sq m          turn-key from 1-10-2-23
2nd floor           1.2.1         approx.  322 sq m          turn-key

Building 2
1st floor            2.1.1         approx.  367 sq m          shell
1st floor            2.1.2         approx.  234 sq m          shell
1st floor            2.1.3         approx.  139 sq m          shell
2nd floor           2.2.1         approx.  180 sq m          semi-shell
2nd floor           2.2.2         approx.  234 sq m          turn-key
2nd floor           2.2.3         approx.  169 sq m          turn-key

Building 3
1st floor            3.1.2 a      approx.   241 sq m         shell
1st floor            3.1.2 b      approx.   139 sq m         shell
2nd floor           3.2.1         approx.   186 sq m         shell
2nd floor           3.2.3         approx.   120 sq m         semi-shell
2nd floor           3.2.4         approx.   195 sq m         semi-shell

Building 4
ground floor     4.0.1        approx.     119 sq m        semi-shell from 1-1-2024
ground floor     4.0.3        approx.     586 sq m        turn-key from 1-9-2023
1st floor             4.1.2        approx.      254 sq m       turn-key
2nd floor            4.2.1        approx.     870 sq m        shell

Building 5
1st  floor            5.1.1        approx. 1,093 sq m        turn-key
2nd floor            5.2.1        approx.    705 sq m        turn-key

Some units can be combined, see the attached drawing.


Holland Office Center has two parking areas enclosed by barriers with a parking norm of 1 place per approx. 40 sq m rented office space. There are visitor parking places and several parking places with an electric charging point.

Parking places can also be rented on a flexible base.

State of delivery

The buildings/office spaces are among other things provided with:

  • representative and spacious entrance with a marble floor;
  •  elevator;
  •  suspended ceilings with built-in light fixtures;
  •  modern sanitary facilities per floor;
  •  heating by means of radiators;
  •  mechanical ventilation with peak cooling;
  •   office caretaker;
  •  sun blinds (at the window frames on the sunny side);
  •  cable ducts;
  •  utilities for placing a pantry.

For joint use, a restaurant/coffee bar, meeting facilities and an inner garden with terrace and pond are available. The restaurant provides catering, lunches etc. The complex has a caretaker.

Buildings 1, 3 and 5 have energy label C and buildings 2 and 4 have energy label B.

Rental price

The rental price for office space ranges from € 90 per sq m per year, excluding VAT and service charges for casco office space, up to €115 per sq m per year for turn-key office space, excluding VAT and service charges.

  1. Shell                   €  90   per sq m per year
  2. Semi turn-key  € 105   per sq m per year
  3. Turn-key           € 115    per sq m per year

The rental price for the parking places is € 750 per place per year, excluding VAT.

A lease contract is possible up to the end of 2025. In building 1 and building 3, a short rental term from a minimum of 12 months is possible.

Lessor and Lessee explicitly declare that at the determination of the rental price, the starting point is that the Lessee will permanently use the leased space for the by law determined (or at a later stage to be determined) minimum percentage for purposes giving entitlement to VAT deduction.

Service charges

The service charges are € 52,50 per sq m per year excluding VAT, this is a fixed amount not subject to reconciliation.


A lease contract is possible up to the end of 2025. In building 1 and building 3, a short rental term from a minimum of 12 months is possible.

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