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From our customers

LR Systems will soon start with the sales of the largest robot in the world, which will strip the largest airplanes in the world of their old coat of paint and repaint them afterwards.Logo LR Systems The company moved from a stately office building at Lange Voorhout in The Hague to a modern office building on Park Schiphol-Rijk. “We were searching for office space in the Schiphol-area because of our potential world-wide clientele”, says Pieter van Mal. “Via a business-connection I was referred to BT Makelaars. Marijke Toenbreker showed us, amongst other buildings, Euro-Offices. We were attracted immediately, because of the location as well as the office space itself. Looking out our window we see the airplanes. Also the presence of various hotels in the area is of importance to us. An extra plus is that the office of BT Makelaars is located in the same building. We have the feeling that our interests have been and are taken care of very well. We have experienced the whole process to be very pleasant.”..

ICE Benelux (International Cleaning Equipment) is a company that advises about and sells professional cleaning machines. “We are a sales office (first EuropeanICE Benelux branch) from the factory and took over the service and staff of one of our partners” says Cochèl.
“For the establishment of our new offices, showroom for our equipment and warehouse we were looking for a location nearby Schiphol/A4. Via the website I came in contact with BT Makelaars. The complex at Bennebroekerweg was a slightly older building, but the inside was already fully refurbished and the outside will be modernized this year. We had a look and I was enthusiastic immediately. The warehouse was neatly painted and the offices refurbished. We did quick and efficient business with the landlord. Marijke has taken care of everything skilful and professional.”.

The European (Benelux BU) head office of NH Hotels has recently moved from Hilversum to Hoofddorp, where office space measuring 1,200 m2 was found at KruiswegLogoNHHotel 477 for the Marketing, Sales, Finance and HR departments. “We made a conscious choice to relocate to an existing building at a highly visible location,” explained Mike Steggerda, Director NH Hotel Schiphol Airport. “Our international head office is located in Madrid. Compared to Hilversum, these new premises are easier to reach. The great advantage is that meetings, lunches and get-togethers can take place in the hotel, which is no more than a five minute walk from here. In addition, the hotel just finalised the first stage of a large renovation. Together with Marijke of BT Makelaars, which is also a fellow member of the De Hoek project group, we visited three buildings. This one proved to be the most suitable. The entire search, find and negotiation process proceeded exceptionally well. Our compliments to BT Makelaars.”

“BT Makelaars renegotiated and extended our lease contract for our offices and storage and testing facility at Schiphol-Rijk. We had been located at our premises there LogoMitsubishifor many years and although we had no intention of modifying things, BT Makelaars explained to us the advantages of laying out our contract for a full review. On our behalf, they handled a renegotiation; not only of the rental price, but also of the terms and other conditions of the lease.
They did a professional job and achieved highly satisfactory results in a short time. BT Makelaars is a good partner to have at your side.”

Regiobouw Haarlemmermeer left Rijsenhout at the end of December, two years after they had to drastically change course. “This is where we started in 1999, but the Regiobouwbuilding had become too big for us,” Bauke de Jong explained. “Times were changing and there was no longer any need for a workshop and storage space, for example. We were on the lookout for an easily accessible building, preferably one for sale. We wanted it to be approximately 500 m² in size, detached and with an outside area – at an acceptable price, obviously. Well. Just try and find something like that!
We ran into one in BT Makelaars’ portfolio and once we had viewed it and found it to our liking, it didn’t take long before the deal was done. So, it all worked out fine. We are very busy renovating the building and are looking forward to moving in at the end of December. In our new premises, Regiobouw Haarlemmermeer will be ready for the future.”

Next G Mobile is a Swiss company that provides mobile communication services for the benefit of international travellers. “When you cross the border and replace yourNext G Mobile current SIM card with an international variant, phone calls abroad become substantially cheaper,” Sjaak Kramer explained. “I’m responsible for the European segment of our business, which involves many hours of flying. For this reason, we started looking for an office in the Schiphol area. Our search on the Internet led us to BT Makelaars. They have a substantial portfolio and we immediately clicked with Marijke Toenbreker. We viewed three buildings and were able to quickly make our choice. Our favourite was the Parc Centre building at Schiphol-Rijk. It is a lovely building, very well situated and next to the Radisson Blu Hotel, which is another advantage. The search, find, negotiation and occupation process proceeded very smoothly and professionally. In our view, BT Makelaars is an agency that goes above and beyond.”

Nunner Logistics BV is a leading provider of logistics services with branches in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, NunnerLatvia and Estonia. In the Netherlands, Nunner Logistics has branches in Helmond, Valkenswaard, Venlo and Ridderkerk. They opened an office at Schiphol-Rijk on the first of June. “Our airfreight volume has grown substantially in recent years,” CEO Erwin Cootjans explained. “However, in respect of Nunner’s development in the airfreight sector, we decided to open a special airfreight office in the vicinity of the airport. Previously, it was our office in Ridderkerk that handled airfreight together with sea freight. The new office is in line with our future plans to further expand our airfreight activities. While searching for a suitable space, we contacted BT Makelaars. They had just the thing for us at Euro Offices at Schiphol-Rijk and it didn’t take long before we moved in. And to everyone’s satisfaction, I might add.”

Gabbiano Denim is a men’s fashion brand featuring an Italian style. Their products can be bought in boutiques in the Netherlands and at elite men’s fashion shops. LogoGabbiano“We dress men from head to toe,” shared Musa. “The business is quickly growing and the space we had at the World Fashion Center was really becoming too small. So we started looking for a bigger location. At a certain point, we spotted a building on Maroastraat at Businesspark Amsterdam Osdorp. This is how we came into contact with BT Makelaars. We were also consulting with other real estate agents, but when we spoke with Marijke, we noticed the difference straight away. Contact with BT Makelaars is very good and always one-on-one. It is very personal, very direct and very good.
We’ve almost tripled our office space, which would never have been possible at our old location. In addition, we wanted to move away from the off-the-peg image and are now located closer to our fashion colleagues in Lijnden. Marijke is an excellent negotiator and she really came through for us.”

“Having a location closer to our customers was the most important reason for relocating from Friesland to the Randstad,” explained Marcel de Boer. “In addition, we not only have a showroom, we also have a training centre and the Schiphol region is easier to reach than our previous location further north.”LogoEldon
Eldon produces industrial switch boxes and is represented in 45 countries. They have the technical knowledge, and provide service supp
ort and project management services throughout the world at any location where business is conducted.
“Through BT Makelaars we were able to rent office space in the Euro Offices building at Park Rijk,” continued Marcel. “We initially began our search on Funda, where we spotted about 20 properties. In the first round we visited 12 of them. Ultimately, only two buildings were left: one in Hoofddorp and one at Park Schiphol-Rijk. We contacted BT Makelaars, as they leased out the Schiphol-Rijk property. We received excellent guidance from BT Makelaars throughout the entire rental process, from the first viewing up to delivery, and we are very satisfied with our new location.”

Project developer Techno Project acquired an 800 m² office villa at Hoofdweg 850 in Hoofddorp. “Our old premises had become too small,” explained Eppo Laninga inLogoTechnoProjects respect of the move. “Plus, we were looking for something different; a building that was out of the ordinary, with a great look and personal identity. Staying in Hoofddorp was a conscious choice. Here, we are close to our clients, there are no parking issues and it is a great base from which to work.”Techno Project was founded in 1994 and is specialised in decorating the interiors of new office and commercial spaces, or those up for renovation. Their portfolio is impressive; work was performed on several floors of the Zuidtoren building in Hoofddorp, and at the AkzoNobel offices on the Zuidas as well. “We contacted BT Makelaars because they were handling the sale of the property, but I’ve known the company for 20 years. It was a pleasure doing business with them.”

Securitas Group is a Swedish security organisation and one of the biggest companies in the world in its field. Their head office in the Netherlands is in Badhoevedorp. “Securitas Nederland focuses on Security, Safety and Hospitality,” shared Sebastiaan Bekker. “In collaboration with our clients, weSecuritas develop custom solutions in which people, knowledge and technology naturally strengthen each other. Our solutions are flexible, effective and fit the set objectives and available budget.Our premises in Badhoevedorp were becoming too small and we began looking for a second location at Bedrijvenpark De Hoek in Hoofddorp. A location there would place us right at the centre of our work area and just a stone’s throw away from our clients. In addition, there are no parking issues at this location, which is quite important to us. Some buildings in De Hoek were part of the BT Makelaars portfolio. We got in touch and went for a viewing. The cooperation was excellent and their pragmatic approach highly appealed to me. What I also found quite valuable was their willingness to share their thoughts with us. Because of the renovation in Badhoevedorp, we were in a bit of a hurry. Thanks to the fantastic efforts of BT Makelaars, we managed to finish the entire project on time.

Dona Italia provides everything necessary to establish an Italian kitchen. They deliver authentic Italia pizza’s and a real brick-kiln to hotels, restaurants and events. “We started a year ago, but had to expand fast”, explains Stefan. “Because of a lack in space the search for a new location started soon. It was a race against time since our lease contract expired. Several letting signs drew our attention to BT Makelaars and we came into contact with Dionne. We explained our requirements and soon we could inspect possible spaces. Dionne also showed us a location at Siriusdreef, which in first instance we would not have thought about ourselves. It was an instant hit. Several refurbishments had to be done, such as new carpet, changing partition etc. and everything was  arranged perfectly by BT Makelaars.”