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Support in all aspects of commercial property occupation

Support in all aspects of commercial property occupation

Your premises deserve attention. Many entrepreneurs often lack the required time and knowledge for this. BT Makelaars is the right partner in any commercial real-estate related matter such as:

Adding business premises to our portfolio is only the start of the process. It is, after all, very important to quickly find a suitable tenant/buyer and when letting out a property matters such as contract term, rent, state of delivery and, last but not least, the tenant’s solvency, are of great importance too.

You can leave these matters in our capable hands.

We develop a specific “plan of action” for all premises in our portfolio in order to present them inside and outside of our network. This plan could entail, among other things:

– compiling adequate project information (bilingual, of course);
– posting the information on various sites, including Funda-in-Business, etc.;
– drawing a lay-out and placing a sign;
– composing a leaflet or brochure;
– placing advertisements in specific, target-group related media;
– making a promotional video, e.g. with the use of a drone;

as well as devising and executing other playful means of promotion.

Engaging the services of a “personal advisor” when you are looking for new or replacement premises for your company, be it to lease or buy, is for most companies not yet a logical step, irrespective of the fact that they are looking to make a long-term decision. A location is more than just the surroundings in which work is performed, it is also the company’s business card. It has to be a location that customers and employees can easily get to, as well as a place where people feel comfortable due to the atmosphere, the lay-out and interior design.

We advise and support companies throughout this process, from searching for an adequate place up to and including delivery. It would be our pleasure to explain the roadmap that lies at the foundation of this process.

Circumstances can change. It could be that the conditions of the agreed, and still ongoing, lease no longer meet the tenant’s wishes or the market circumstances. Even if you do not intend to relocate, renegotiating a lease could often lead to a lower rent and/or other adjustments to the conditions of the agreement. We can assess this option for you at the moment of your lease’s expiration, or when the contract is still in effect. Although the rent is an important part of the agreement, there are many other things that play a crucial (financial) role during, and at the end of, a lease term.

It would be our pleasure to inform you of the possibilities (and impossibilities) your lease has to offer!

You could be wondering how to proceed when the commercial conditions regarding a transaction have been dealt with, but the parties would still like to have them adequately documented so that others (e.g. legal successors to the parties) understand the tenor of what was agreed upon, and will respect these conditions in future dealings. In this case, we can advise you on the content and composition of the agreement according to the data you provide us with.

Furthermore, we will deal with legal conflicts between the tenants and property owners in respect of eviction, non-payment and the like.

After the parties have come to an agreement, the process of refurbishing, decorating and, eventually, moving begins. It is not a process many companies look forward to at all, as it is not their “core business” and they often lack the time to give it the attention it requires. Also, assigning the task of organising the relocation to someone within the company, who is to arrange everything in addition to their regular work, often leads to disappointing results. If you wish, we can take this entire process on for you and make sure that your desk is ready at your new location, so you needn’t interrupt your work at all.

When you task us with this responsibility, we collaborate closely with companies that guarantee high-quality state of delivery.

When purchasing or selling commercial real estate, it is important to have the value of the building assessed in order to be certain that you are purchasing or selling the premises at a correct and competitive price. A valuation can also be an important part of assessing whether the rental price is appropriate when letting or leasing a property, reviewing the rent or extending the lease agreement of a commercial building. In this speficic area, we collaborate with Wagenhof Bedrijfsmakelaars, who meet the highest requirements and standards imposed by the market. Their reports are accepted by all authorities, whether they concern an appraisal intended for the bank (financing), the accountant (annual figures, business succession) or the Tax and Customs Administration (tax-related matters).