Support in all aspects of commercial property occupation


Business premises require attention. Many entrepreneurs often lack the time or knowledge for this. You can come to us for many facets involved with commercial real estate, both for landlords and tenants as well as seller and buyers.

This can be about, for example:

Letting/selling c.q. leasing/buying

Taking an object into the rental / sale portfolio is only the beginning of the process.
After all, it is important to find a suitable tenant / buyer as quickly as possible, whereby matters such as duration, rental price, state of completion and, last but not least, the solvency of the tenant is of great importance for the client in the event of rental.

These are all things that you can leave to us.

For many companies, engaging an “own advisor” when renting or purchasing new or replacement business premises is not a logical step. While it is an important decision for the long term. Housing is not only a shell within which work is carried out, it is the business card of the company and must also be an easily accessible location for employees and customers. In addition, it must be a place where people feel comfortable because of the atmosphere, the layout and the furnishings.
We advise and support companies throughout this entire process, from search to completion. We are happy to explain the step-by-step plan on which this is based.



For the objects in our portfolio, a tailor-made “plan of action” is made to present the specific object within and outside our network, such as:

– making adequate project information (bilingual);
– placing the information on various sites, including Funda-in-Business;
– making, lay-out and placing of a sign;
– making a leaflet or brochure;
– placing advertisements in specific, target group-oriented media;
– making a promotional film, for example with a drone;

and devising and executing other surprising actions.



In changing circumstances, the conditions of an agreed and current lease agreement may no longer meet the wishes of the tenant or market conditions. Even if you do not intend to move, renegotiating a lease is often an action that can lead to a lower rent and / or other adjustments to the conditions in the agreement. This can be assessed by us both at the time of expiration and during the term. Not only the rent is an important part of the agreement, but there are also many other points that must be considered at the end of a rental period. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities (and impossibilities) that your rental agreement offers!


Legal advice

Are the commercial terms and conditions of a transaction already in jugs, but the parties want to put what has been agreed on paper in a responsible manner, so that others (for example legal successors of the parties) understand the scope of what has been agreed and will (must) be respected? In that case, we will provide advice on- and drafting of the agreement on the basis of information to be provided by you.