Wegalaan 35-49

4 October 2022

Approx. 2,840 sq m. office space, divided over the ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor is currently available in this building with special architecture. The building has a partly glass, partly brick façade and has a very spacious, representative central entrance hall with seating area, equipped with, among other things, two elevators and luxury sanitary […]

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Siriusdreef 30-80

26 July 2022

Orion Campus complex consists of the luxurious Central building and the small-scale East and West buildings. The total complex comprises approx. 11,000 sq m, of which the Central building is the largest with a total surface area of approx. 5,350 sq m, the East and West buildings each have a surface area of approx. 2,795 […]

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Taurusavenue 133

14 July 2022

On the prominent Beukenhorst South office park in Hoofddorp, approx. 3,074 sq m of high-quality office space is available in one of the striking buildings, comprising the entire 2nd and 3rd floors. It concerns the sustainable, modern designed Toro building which, due to the recent upgrade of the central entrance hall, offers a pleasant and […]

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Scorpius 1-41

30 March 2022

The striking Avenue Building tower, right next to the Hoofddorp train station and the entrance/exit of the A4 motorway (Amsterdam-The Hague), has a very recognizable curved shape with floors of approx. 1,100 sq m each. The building is situated at a perfect high exposure location for example for a name sign on the façade. Approx. […]

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Spicalaan 1-59

5 December 2021

Modern, bright office spaces in a complex of in total approx. 11,000 sq m with a spacious central entrance hall with a manned reception desk, a coffee corner and a company restaurant. There is an business centre for the tenants with meeting rooms of various sizes. Due to the great diversity of tenants, it is […]

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Zandsteen 28-30

21 July 2021

Warehouse- / office unit with approx. 557 sq m of warehouse space and approx. 270 sq m of office space, part of a complex with various building parts consisting of both solitary office buildings and mixed warehouse-/ office buildings. The warehouse unit is equipped with two electrically operated overhead doors and has a clear height […]

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Zandsteen 18

21 July 2021

Office unit of approx. 200 sq m with 5 parking spaces, part of a complex with various building parts consisting of both solitary office buildings and mixed warehouse/ office buildings. The moderns office space is equipped with its own sanitary facilities and pantry. The complex is located at Airport Business Park de Hoek, a mixed […]

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Kruisweg 789-829

9 July 2021

Holland Office Center consists of 5 small-scale office buildings with a total surface area of approx. 11,860 sq m and is prominently located at the intersection Van Heuven Goedhartlaan /Kruisweg. In the complex is approx. 5.356 sq m office space available divided over various units. Holland Office Center is equipped with a restaurant / coffee […]

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Neptunusstraat 15-37

1 January 2021

Approx. 474 sq m office space situated on the 1st floor in a modern building. The central hall on the ground floor have been completely renovated. Building Beukenhaghe is situated along the Van Heuven Goedhartlaan at the edge of Beukenhorst West with the NS-railway station Hoofddorp in walking distance. The building is provided with two glass […]

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Zandsteen 14

29 November 2020

A combined warehouse/office unit of approx. 300 sq m warehouse space with approx. 416 sq m office space located at Business Park De Hoek. The complex includes both solitary office buildings and mixed warehouse/office buildings. The owners and users of the buildings in Airport Business Park De Hoek recently set up a park management organisation, […]

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Diamantlaan 10

21 September 2020

Warehouse space of approx. 1,420 sq m with simple modular office space on the floor. The available space on the ground floor is provided with a persons entrance, 3 overhead doors, sanitary facilities and a pantry. The building benefits from ample surrounding private ground for loading/unloading and passenger parking. Location Business park Graan voor Visch […]

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Jadelaan 14-20

10 July 2020

Representative modern complex with a total surface area of approx. 4,215 sq m. The building is completely renovated, all installations are replaced and the general areas are provided with LED-lighting and PVC-flooring. There are several possibilities to combine the office spaces, on the ground floor and mezzanine and office wings can be created with a […]

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Kruisweg 643-647

27 June 2020

Office space of approx. 312 sq m situated on the 2nd floor of a small modern office building at a visible location along the main road (N196). The spaciously designed light entrance hall, finished with modern materials, has a representative look. In the immediate vicinity of the building are, among others, a NH Hotel and […]

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Polarisavenue 130 – 148

23 June 2020

In office building Polaris is a turn-key office unit of approx. 211 sq m available for rent, situated on the 2nd floor. The building is amongst other things provided with a spacious central entrance hall, a “manned” reception desk, coffee corner and a restaurant. The office concept Smart Office is situated on the ground floor. […]

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Parellaan 2F

20 April 2020

Warehouse/office unit of approx. 110 sq m equally divided over the ground and 1st floor part of warehouse complex at business park Graan voor Visch in Hoofddorp. 2 reserved parking places are available at the joint parking area. The outside area is surrounded by a fence which is automatically closed outside opening hours and can […]

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Hoeksteen 40

22 December 2019

Striking detached office building, currently in use by the reputable company Fokker Services, of approx. 3,900 sq m divided over three floors, part of complex Albury Park, centrally located at the A4 motorway and in short distance of Schiphol Airport. Several national and international companies are established in the direct vicinity of the complex. Complex […]

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Scorpius 90-110

19 July 2019

In Building A of the South Point Offices complex, located next to the Hoofddorp NS railway station, approx. 956 sq m of office space is available situated on the ground floor and the first floor, which are connected by an internal staircase. The ground floor has a clear height of approx. 3,80 m and therefore […]

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Spicalaan 1-59

4 May 2019

Smart Offices are available in the modern office  Spica Building, the entire ground floor is designed as Smart Office. In this Smart Office concept turn-key office space is available for a fixed all-in price. The ground floor has a large common space with a spacious kitchen with unlimited coffee and tea, spaces to meet and […]

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Bloemlaan 2

26 February 2019

Approx. 1,210 sq m office space including a penthouse of approx. 360 sq m in a modern designed office building on a high exposure location along the main road (N201). In the central entrance hall, provided with free Wifi, is a “Frame Offices”-manned reception desk and a coffee corner. If desired Frame Offices can also […]

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Kruisweg 765

18 January 2019

Warehouse/office space of approx. 720 sq m which is part of small-scale complex situated at business park De Hoek Noord in Hoofddorp. The total surface area consists of approx. 520 sq m warehouse space and approx. 200 sq m office space divided over the ground and 1st floor. Sufficient parking places are available situated on […]

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