Zandsteen 28-30

21 July 2021

Airport Business Park ‘De Hoek’ is a mixed business park. The complex on Zandsteen includes various buildings, consisting of both solitary office units and mixed warehouse/ office units. Currently there is a warehouse unit available of approx. 557 sq m warehouse space and approx. 270 sq m office space. In the immediate vicinity of the […]

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Breguetlaan 8-14 & 16-22

21 March 2021

Breguetlaan 8-14; in a small-scale office pavilion of approx. 2,090 sq m in total is approx. 736 sq m office space available situated on the 1st floor, divided over 3 units that can be combined with each other. Breguetlaan 16-22; entire pavilion of approx. 1,919 sq m in total available, divided over the ground- and […]

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Schinkeldijkje 16L

15 March 2021

Modern warehouse- /office unit of approx. 820 sq m. Located in Businesspark Schinkeldijkje in Aalsmeer. The building is equipped with an overhead door, a smooth finished concrete floor and air conditioning in the office space. The site is equipped with central camera surveillance. The property is located a short distance from the Flora Holland Flower […]

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Prestwickweg 52

15 February 2021

The complex, with a fenced outdoor area, consists of 6 separate office buildings (buildings A, B, C, D, X and Y) with a logistic hall in the centre. In building C, approx. 152 sq m warehouse space with approx. 152 sq m office space, located on the ground floor, is available. The warehouse has a […]

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Kruisweg 765

18 January 2021

Warehouse/office space of approx. 720 sq m which is part of small-scale complex situated at business park De Hoek Noord in Hoofddorp. The total surface area consists of approx. 520 sq m warehouse space and approx. 200 sq m office space divided over the ground and 1st floor. Sufficient parking places are available situated on […]

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Zandsteen 14

29 November 2020

A combined warehouse/office unit of approx. 300 sq m warehouse space with approx. 416 sq m office space located at Business Park De Hoek. The complex includes both solitary office buildings and mixed warehouse/office buildings. The owners and users of the buildings in Airport Business Park De Hoek recently set up a park management organisation, […]

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Diamantlaan 10

21 September 2020

Warehouse space of approx. 1,420 sq m with simple modular office space on the floor. The available space on the ground floor is provided with a persons entrance, 3 overhead doors, sanitary facilities and a pantry. The building benefits from ample surrounding private ground for loading/unloading and passenger parking. Location Business park Graan voor Visch […]

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Bennebroekerweg 271

24 May 2020

Approx. 488 sq m warehouse space with approx. 218 sq m representative office space in a renovated, modern complex located at the Bennebroekerweg in Rijsenhout, at the exit of the A4. The warehouse space is provided with 2 electrically operated overhead doors, power current and has a clear height of approx. 5,40 m. The floor […]

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Parellaan 2F

20 April 2020

Warehouse/office unit of approx. 110 sq m equally divided over the ground and 1st floor part of warehouse complex at business park Graan voor Visch in Hoofddorp. 2 reserved parking places are available at the joint parking area. The outside area is surrounded by a fence which is automatically closed outside opening hours and can […]

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Aarbergerweg 5-7

24 August 2019

New development of a warehouse space of approx. 1,300 sq m and an office space of approx. 282 sq m situated at the Aarbergerweg in Rijsenhout. It is expected that the construction will be completed approx. 8 months after reaching agreement. The complex is, among other things, provided with 6 electrically operated overhead doors, a […]

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Schipholweg 321

21 March 2019

Logistic space consisting of approx. 1,405 sq m warehouse space combined with approx. 999 sq m office space. The warehouse has a clear height of approx. 7.00 m, a smoothly finished concrete floor and an electrically operated overhead door. The office space on the ground floor has a modern and industrial look and is used […]

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